2022, Day Book, Ohio River Valley Literature, poetry, spring

illness in the post-lockdown age

avoid eye contact (that space above where masks used to hide our razor teeth) then

to swab or not to swab, this is the question:
whether tis better to know it is the Rona
or, gambling with the odds like a drunk
driving home from the bar and with faith
in our personal research skills

manage to dodge again

this is not our parents’ fear but something more dated when razor teeth were treated simply

as a demonic symbol, pulled bloody and burned

poetry, Ohio River Valley Literature, 2022, untitled series 3 (2022)

untitled series 3 (Spring 2022) number 8


water’s memory is not in the current rather it is in what is communicated upon mud, wood, and rock cast upon the wharf coughed up abandoned passed on as garbage or given back the water in shovel and bucket fulls